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The International Association of Community Services Chaplaincy

Certification of Training for Community Service Chaplains


Effective June 1, 2013



The International Association of Community Service Chaplains and its partner, the Church of God Chaplains Commission, stand ready to certify those the local church and pastor have recommended as Community Service Chaplains, providing all required training and assessments have been otherwise met.


Certification by the TIACSC does not constitute official ecclesiastical licensing in the Church of God or any other church organization. Instead, it is a departmental credential training for chaplaincy purposes only.

Before certification, all Chaplains must complete the proper application, pass a criminal background check and pay all necessary and applicable fees.



Should the State Bishop, local pastor, or Agency Liaison contact the TIACSC regarding a disciplinary problem, moral or otherwise, pertaining to a certified chaplain, said chaplain shall be notified in writing and be placed on a suspended list until the issue is resolved.


Certification of Training is taken very seriously by The International Association of Community Service Chaplains.  It is viewed as a tool for present and future chaplaincy involvement in the church and the community.  Certification is, therefore, a valued commodity that must be sought after, earned, and retained through discipline, ethical conduct, and respect.

Certification of Training can only be granted from the TIACSC or its partners by Certified and approved CSC instructors.  No certification will be awarded unless the course is completed, the test is passed, and a local pastor endorses the Application for Certification form. 


All chaplains who apply for a Chaplaincy ID Card will require the approval of their pastor, overseer, or Agency Liaison to confirm the application. 

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