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There’s always a silver lining around the darkest cloud.

When things gets tough the tough gets going. It's like the doctors always say when you have flu symptoms the cold already took a turn for the better.

I want to encourage you today and direct your attention to two Bible passages:

”For the eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous, And His ears attend to their prayer, But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”“

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭3‬:‭12‬ ‭NASB1995‬‬


casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.“

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5‬:‭7‬ ‭NASB1995‬‬

Key Here: God's got His eyes on you and He wants to carry your burden. This means when Someone else carries your burden you have no burdens to carry?

Now why do it feel we carry those?

Because we take ownership of our problems. When the Lord carried those doesn't it become His responsibility also? Don't think about the things you don't want to happen. Think about the things you want to happen. In this way it will change your perception and ultimately your approach to any situation.

Trust that God is watching over you, ready to lighten your load


Team Lötter

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