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The blessing of the Lord

The city has many cares and pains, and those who have to go there or stay there quickly find that it is a place of great effort or neglect.  There are much noise and commotion and tumult and hardship: there are many temptations, deaths, and worries.  Going there with the divine blessing makes it bearable wherever you are and in whatever circumstances.  To be in that situation with that blessing is to find pleasure in your duties, and to have the strength to face the High demands of Life.  Your strength is enough.

The Blessing in us may not make us great, but it will make us better;  it may not make us rich, but it will keep us honest.  Whether we are porters, clerks, managers, merchants, or magistrates, the blessing will give us opportunities for usefulness.

Why will the Lord bless us in the city? He wants us to make a difference in the city.  It's almost like fishing where there are schools of fish.  It is hopeful to work for our Lord among the gathered crowds.  We may prefer the quiet of country life;  but if we are called to the city, we can certainly prefer it because there is room for all our energy.

Let us today expect good things because of this promise, and let us have an open ear for the voice of the Lord, and hands to carry out His commands.  Obedience brings the blessing of the Lord.  "if you listen to the voice of the Lord your God."

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