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School opens NOW!

📚🎓 Exciting News! Join us at Covenant Bible College and Seminary starting on August 7, 2023!

🔍 Discover your calling with our comprehensive 1st to 5-year studies in majors like:

📖 Biblical Studies

🙏 Chaplaincy

💼 Biblical Counseling

👨‍💼 Leadership and Management

👐 Practical Ministry

🕊️ Theology

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to equip yourself for impactful ministry! 🌟 Now, as a faculty within Covenant University, we're dedicated to providing top-notch education in theology and more. 🏛️ Enroll now for other Majors like Business Management, and expand your horizons!

🚫 Stop chasing your tail; it leads nowhere. Choose a path that leads to purpose and significance. Let us guide you toward a fulfilling future. 💫

🙏 God bless. Visit our website at to learn more about Covenant Bible College and Seminary in Pensacola, FL!

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