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Press to dress

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

When I think back to when I had given my life to Jesus I feel relief that I did when I did in October of 1992. At first contact with the preacher man (and rejecting the altar call), I went home and only returned after 2 Sundays. The Holy Spirit pressed me to be dressed with Jesus Christ. Well, the rest is HIS-Story.

The Apostle Paul said to the church in Rome to Cloth yourself with Christ. (Romans 13:14).

“The rags of sin must come off if we put on the robe of Christ. There must be a taking away of the love of sin, there must be a renouncing of the practices and habits of sin, or else a man cannot be a Christian. It will be an idle attempt to try and wear religion as a sort of celestial overall over the top of old sins.” (Spurgeon) Cast off before we can put on.

Let the main thing remain the main thing. Souls souls souls!! Glory to Jesus for still saving souls. You should be in the soul-saving business all of the time. Souls are important to Jesus and so should it be for us.

Every soul counts. Jesus came to this world to save it and not to destroy it. What we see in this world is that the enemies of Jesus (light of the world) have tried to destroy the world for very long. They will only rest when they bring complete destruction to God's creation.

We as Christian and God-fearing people are in the way of the evil forces of this world and they've been trying to quiet us for ages. We need to secure ourselves inside of Christ by clothing ourselves with Christ. 'Put Christ on', means taking on His personality and His vision for the world. The vision Jesus has for the world is written up in the Great Command of Evangelism and going out into the world and teaching them about the love of God for the world. (Matthew 28:19,20).

Put Christ on and let His glory catch fire in your life today.

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