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Just do it

Many people second guess their choices, like the two frogs trying to cross the interstate or freeway. The one said to the other, ‘Watch out,’ Squash, and the other said,’ 'What did you say?’ ... and was also Squashed.

This part in the Book of John speaks volumes about Mary's trust in Christ. At this time, according to the Scriptures, this would’ve been His first Miracle. Mmm, but wait. Momma Mary would know better because she cooked for Jesus. She knew His ins and outs. She Knew more than anyone else what her child could do. She knew Him From birth, and she saw with her own eyes 👀 what the Messiah can do.

Whatever He says! What has God been saying to you recently?

To stop overspending.

To love your husband or wife.

To be who He called you to be.

To bless and not curse.

To bow before Him.

To be his church and not do church.

To walk in victory.

To listen more than you talk.

To not be brainwashed by a wicked world.

To not walk in the ways of sinners.

To occupy and not satisfy the world.

To preach the Gospel of the Living God.

Let me ask this question? Why is it so difficult to do whatever He says? Our sinful nature gets in the way, and our doubt destroys the hope within us.

Do this right, and the fight is yours. Monitor yourself against this list above, but monitor yourself more against His precious Word.


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