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In a prison?


Enjoying the prison your in?

Thinking back over my life and being honest about it, I must say freedom is most enjoyable to look at especially when you look at it from inside your cell or place of lock-up. we get locked up and we forget the only One with the correct keys is Jesus Christ! He's holding the keys to the possibilities, but you need to take responsibility of the possibilities He opens up.

Since the beginning of time humans tend to shy-away from their responsibilities... Adam didn't want to take responsibility for the actions of Eve. He could've spoken to her and telling her, 'listen pretty thing, we will get through this and we should probably tell Yahweh about what just happen and ask His pardon'. He could've even apologized in her stead, but oh no - he openly and cowardly said "It's this woman / wife You gave me. Seams like he had some kind of attitude issue towards the Lord. Well we know what happened next. He lost what he undeservedly got for free.

Moses on the way to the promised land was met with a lot of internal frustration and a possible mental blocker at Meribah. There was no water to drink and the people of Israel got somewhat difficult. Imagine how it feels (and here in South Africa we know the feeling all too well) when your water is turned off due to a pipe burst up town. No water? People get on the WhatsApp's, social medias, and other outlets to voice their absolute discuss to be left without water for a day. They speak ill of municipal employees and they even threaten not to ay their utilities.

So can you see the predicament Moses landed himself in due to his unwillingness to do as God wanted for him to do. 'Essentially, at Meribah (Numbers 20:7-12), when Israel complained and cried out for water, Moses misrepresented God. He misrepresented God by lecturing the nation harshly and unnecessarily. Moses misrepresented God by acting as if God needed him to provide water for the people. And Moses both misrepresented and disobeyed God by angrily striking the rock twice, instead of just speaking to the rock as God had told him to'. (Enduring Word Bible)

How often did we misrepresent God in the confinement of our cell or prison? How often did we capture ourselves or let ourselves be locked up because we cannot or will not take responsibility of the possibility God created for us. There was a possibility of water and Moses was suppose to take up his God given responsibility to speak to the rock. This seams typical what we do daily to Christ whom is our Rock and Refuge. We do not speak to the Rock, but we moan and groan and we have absolutely no contentment.

The Children of Israel entered the promised land and Moses was the very last one to die in the desert of the old folks who originally left Egypt for Canaan. A journey that may have been covered in 2-3 weeks took them 40 years. They didn't take their responsibility in the possibility God created, but accused Moses in the first week of poor leadership. They were looking for someone to blame. The blame game is still a serious crisis in the day and time we live in.

When we have tough luck / we look for someone or something to blame. Even in your weakness you need to shape up and take your responsibility up. Easy as that to let your dreams come into fulfillment. Moses dreamt this dream for 40 years. He didn't make it because he was misrepresenting God. Do not go that way. You need God in these absolute crazy days we're living in.

God is saying to you today: ''The Lord is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” (Deuteronomy 31:8 NASB)

Also read Number 20, Deuteronomy 31 and Genesis 3.

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