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Good direction matters

People often miss the mark due to a direction error. They find themselves in a situation where they thought 💭 they were doing the right things, but time showed otherwise. That’s what time often do - show us wrong time and time again. We do not always think before we do and it looks simple and easy, but we miss the point and that is to think and pray before we act.


Are we wrong? Yes probably you are, but you’ve learned something in the process and that’s to trust The vision more than you trust your vision. Sometimes we learn the hard way because we didn't listen to our hearts.

People rely on many things like material things, Accessible things, but mostly they trust in tangible things. Things they can see and touch. Things they can put their trust in. That is nothing less than idol worship to put your trust in tangible things. If you trust economics more than you trust the Lord you have a trust issue in your relationship with God. Don't you remember what Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 - 'But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.'? The only reason many people do not trust the kingdom of God so easily is that they can't see it. The kingdom of God may be unseeable for some but definitely seeable and feelable for others. The King James Version of the Bible puts it like this - 'The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens, And his kingdom ruleth over all. ' (KJV: Psalm 103:19).

How do you inspect direction? You make sure your direction aligns with the vision and mission. All of us were called with a purpose. Christ called us as His disciples into His living kingdom. So we use the Great Commandment and the Great Commission to evaluate our direction. To be or stay in line with what God wants and not only what we want. The Word gives us clear direction in this life and the only ones who cannot see it is the ones whose blinded by the veil over their eyes. The veil has been taken away when Jesus Christ brought us victory, salvation and redemption on the cross.

If you were called as a CEO of a big corporation you use the vision and mission as set out in their policies to make sure you comply and align your direction with their Mission statement. They would disqualify you in the interview if you do not align yourself with their vision and mission statement.

Can you see how important it is to find your purpose in this life through monitoring the direction by aligning it with Christ’s purpose for our lives? to align yourself with the purpose Christ have for your life comes through prayer and fasting and waiting. We do not like waiting and therefore we react before we have an answer and make a slip, but before we crush ourselves in the fall Christ Jesus helps us and raise us up on the wings of an eagle. If you had judgement errors or even direction errors do not stress yourself too much... we all have them one time or the other, BUT we learn and we fix and we trust!

Remember when you were younger (and some still are or feel younger) we took ‘see through the paper to draw something from something else. It's the same with the vision God has for your life. the base is always His precious and unfailing Word. The paper is our goals and desires in this world. the lines we draw is our vision that's been taken from the Lord's manual, the Bible.

I would love to close with a verse that's very special to my heart:

'Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. ' (NASB: Psalms 119:105)

Let is the unfailing map in the Word of God show you the direction you need to head in. Study the Word of God prayerfully until you discover the way!

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