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Community Services Chaplains training course - Online

Updated: Jun 16

This may be a regular day for you, but for many people out there it's far from a regular day. It may be the next fix their waiting on or the doctor to abort their unborn.

We can't fix the world, but we could align ourselves with kingdom principles to bring healing and restoration to a dying world.

Invite someone today to make a difference.

This isn't just another Bible Study, but probably one of the best Discipleship courses out there. To follow Jesus you must deny yourself and Then take up your cross and follow Him.

Chaplaincy is like a cross we carry. We help carry the crosses and burdens of others in the workplace, marketplace, and private and public sectors. We care for people even when we don't know their names and their pains. We care like Jesus cared for us.

One of the axioms in being a great chaplain unto the Lord is:

If you're not willing to hurt someone or be hurt by someone chaplaincy may not be for you.

We have to speak now and forever hold our peace. We will not have peace if we keep quiet and quit our world. The world is being consumed by evil forces and demonic people and we as God's kingdom workers have to rise up and fight the fight of faith. Let's occupy!!

Chaplains Greeting.


Senior Master Chaplain

Ps. Read the Word of God with us.

Join us on Youversion Bible app. Look for my name or ‘Hi-Way Church of God’.

This Qr may be used to join the learner Chaplaincy WhatsApp group.

If you want to complete a degree in Chaplaincy or Theology and Biblical studies contact me for more info.

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