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Chaplaincy Training at your fingertips

Hey y’all.

I hope this finds you well And also in good health.

I would like to take the opportunity and let you know I will be super excited if you could join one of the fastest-growing movements in the world - ‘Ministry outside the Gates’

Ministry outside the Gates of the church or designated holy places is nothing new, but have been practised for millennia before now. We just had to revisit and remind people about the involvement of the believers in Christ within our communities.

The reason the world around us isn’t changing is that we tend to have the mentality of going to church rather than being the church. Be church where you are. God has given you the ability and the tools to be exactly that. Being the Church May not come naturally to all therefore I’m here to assist you in levelling the play field for Community involvement And being a true ambassodor of Christ in this World. We need to shine the light and be the salt.

Join us as soon as you can. We have in-person training (a total of about 24hrs of training) as well as online training. We almost have a new course every month of 2022.

Let's bridge the gap between church and world working together in and through our love for Christ.

This course will change your life.

Chaplaincy courses help the community Volunteer to also to be able to reach out to people in our communities with care and encouragement. Many of our volunteers work among those with pain and the hurting in our communities. We share, Care and Sacrifice and know we need to do the same as Jesus did for people He met on the way. You may of may not have passion for those outside the gates of the church, but I want to ask you to change all of that. Jesus was sacrificed also for those who never entered a holy place. He died also for the robbers on the crosses next to His. He didn't invite them to church before He declared that the one will be saved. He was probably on the right of Jesus because the other was left on his way to hell because he showed no remorse and pity. We do not save people. Jesus saves and we ride the waves of His work of Grace! Our involvement is paramount because we are His disciples. We need to let Jesus show in our communities and Chaplains are a great help in that. Chaplains may be the missing link in your ministry.

There's also an opportunity through the Covenant Bible College and Seminary to further your Chaplaincy and Bible School studies through a wonderful opportunity they created for us. As Campus Dean, I am honoured to have started with classes with a couple of Pastors in 2021. Chaplains can now also enrol for Associates (2years), Advanced Associates (3years+) and Bachelors (6years+) degrees in Chaplaincy Ministry. Please visit their website here: https://www.mycbcs.com/

If you have done other studies elsewhere with accredited Universities or Colleges the student may or may not qualify to have a discount on compulsory course credit hours, but at least need to complete 30 Hrs of course work for any level of degree with Covenant. The Campus here in South Africa is called Shiloh Chaplaincy College and Bible Seminary.

This is the link to request some more information as new course dates come in:

Please indicate your interest here-


You can also choose to join the learner whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/L2k9yU8IFZwHiGJu1Xvn9D

We make training and teaching Simple, Accessible, Affordable and Accredited.

Shiloh Greetings.

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