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Appreciation for every situation

People often fall into a situation that they do not like or appreciate.  Can you think about a few situations you encountered the past weeks or months? 

Name it...

  • Divorce 

  • Family issues

  • Health issues

  • Job issues

  • Burn-out

  • Bad habits and addictions

  • Money

  • Sleeplessness

  • Manipulation 

  • Messy home

All of these are serious issues and sometimes the last straw will break the camels' back. Looking at your situation as a whole may overwhelm you or even discourage you, but breaking it down and starting to deal with the easier situations first and working your way down the list will probably help you to get control over your life back. When all of these things are at play at once we would call that the Cumulative Stress Disorder. Not funny stuff. It consumes your energy and hope in tomorrow and that will give you a blow-up or a blow-out.  The latter obvious being the greater of two evils in this world where living in. No shine in your light and no saltiness in your life that will enrich your environment.  When a blow-out occurs keep heart. The first thing out of the backdoor is self-care and self motivation. You become hard pressed from every side and you loose your good standing in your own environment be it your home,  workplace, church, etc. You feel like God has forsaken you and that there's no way of surviving this big deal in front of you. 

Putting feelings aside you need to understand that God isn't able to forsake you. It's just not a God thing to forsake His own child. Not even a good earthly father wants to forsake his children and our God is a good good Father. Get that out of your head that God has forsaken you. If you keep on believing that, your perception becomes your own reality. You forsake God and not He you. He loves you to much my friend. 

Accept the challenges in your way, because that will become your greatest victories and your greatest accomplishments. 

How do you get over it? Stop believing you can't get through this because you become the result of what you believe.  You are a conqueror and you are beautifully made. You are the child of the King. You have been given authority to heal the sick and to preach the Kingdom of God.

(Luke 9)

Your enemy most of the times isn't the enemy at the gate, but the enemy with whom you ate. Don't become their bait. If you're tired of leading start following again. No leader can't follow. If you choose not to follow you cannot lead. The enemy within is the enemy of you more of the time. Be cautious and sincere. Be you.

All I have time for right now.

In His Service

Till The End


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