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Honor the Lord

Honouring the Lord with what you've got is ensuring your future with a blessing. What a man sows is what he reaps. 

Some people say, but I do give God of my time... Time=Money some will say. Lets look at this Scripture in a literal way. It states 'from your wealth' 'the first of all your produce'. Doesn't even look like if time fits in there. Wealth and produce seems more tangible than time. 

Tangible things can be eaten.

Tangible things can be transferred from one person to the other.

Tangible things can be seen and felt.

Tangible things can become more.

Opposite for time... time can't become more.

Time cannot be eaten.

Time cannot be transferred to another person.

Time cannot be seen nor touched (I think). A watch only shows time, but isn't time itself because the battery could've died...

Have a blessed day.



And don't worry you won't carry a curse under the Blood of the Lamb (Christ) of God

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