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Donald for President

We fear things we do not understand. We fear people who are dear to us because of their beliefs and their viewpoints in life. Fear they may reject us because we're not in complete agreement or alignment .

AT first when we came to the USA earlier in 2016 I was surprised about the time and effort the media spent in influencing the people who to vote for, what to eat and wear and so much more. The fact remains that we are persons in our own right and we all have different viewpoints. I strongly felt that Mr Donald Trump would win over the Republican Party and through the grace of the Lord he did with all the odds against him. I also believe that he would be the next #POTUS2016. Not that he's the best out there, but because he is the most willing non-politician to lead this beautiful country. Many politicians are only in politics for their own interest and not for the interest of the public. Power struggle in the world isn't just a world problem, but also a USA problem.

Take our Beloved country, South Africa . For so long the position of the President were like a puppet position and not that of respect and true authority... our President were put into power by the ruling party to hide their corruption. These days #wallsmustfall and are the general public witnessing some of the worst cases of corruption and miss-conduct in public sector. The eyes are opening and I must tell you honestly that we are so glad about it.

SO please forgive my sense of honesty when I say I understand the corrupt hearts of politicians and their mismanagement of government resources. Myself and my wife are praying for the peace of America. We pray that America will lead the world not out of aggression, but out of respect and love for humanity. American people are kind and peaceful people. I Praise the Lord for the USA.

Note how many people around you are trapped in their own worlds. Not looking out for one another. Everybody is kind and respectable, but love lack in the States for one another. People do not greet one another and when you greet them they think you're from another planet, so to speak. Discrimination are in the order of things. Racial, Ethnically, Religious but not so much physical bias are growing and killing the morals of society .

But why would people for example read the same text and differ in their explanation thereof? Because we are having different angles and positioning from experience gained and are having different social structures.

We are strong in diversity was a topic I wrote about a few days back. I have a few quarter dollar coins. On the FRONT they do not look alike, but on the back they do. Also depending which side of the coin you think is the back and the front.

This fact do not change the value of the coin. The value of all the coins stay the same.

Governor Mike Pence is the prince of America like Joseph were the prince of Egypt. Pharaoh appointed him because of his special personality. The Pharoah didn't know or undersrand that the Lord God was Joseph's Counsellor and Guidance. He knew that Joseph served the Lord God of Israel, but he didn't know how to cherish such a relationship. Joseph was the voice in the Egyptian Government for the Lord.

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