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The importance of Truth

Truth is important

A reminder from the prophet Samuel to the people to live wisely and remember where they came from. He reminded them about Moses and Aaron. He reminded them how the Lord protected them and provided for them. Maybe you need to be reminded in the same way today.

Don't forget we serve an all Powerful, all Glorious, all Marvelous and all Present God, who have us in His heart and mind. This is the truth.

The Truth will set you free indeed #Election2016

Presenting information with the following attitude will help you to overcome darkness and problematic areas of your life:

T - Transparent

R - Reliability

U - Unconditional

T - Timeously

H - Honestly

Just think about this ... after diagnosis by the surgeon he founded that you have less than a week to live, but decided it will be best to hide this truth from you.. to protect you? From what....? Would you think his non-disclosure was done in all fairness?

People deserve the TRUTH.

Though it might be somewhat painful, it will save you from future harm and also allow you to make some important choices.

Remember: The truth will set you free.

But, also remember it's sometimes more difficult to believe the truth than the lie. Lies will always be best sellers out there and lies will always surround you wherever you are in your life.

The TRUTH will always set you free (John 8).

Let truth make you free. Embrace truthfulness and not lies.

In His service

Till The End

The South African American

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