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He will not stay angry

​How about you? Do you choose to stay angry? Because God choose not to stay angry at you.

God never remains angry with His people. Even when you read the Books of the kings of Israel, the Chronicles, you'll see that God sometimes gave the people of Israel over to their enemies when they had a bad king letting the people to worship idols. When you have a bad (Evil) king (leader) and you follow him to the letter of the word, your soul will be in trouble. Yes, all authorities were given from above and we're suppose to comply according to Romans 13, but not in devil or idol worshiping. There will be governments forcing us to worship idols. You definitely don't have to. Remember the three friends of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who refused to bow before the image of Nebuchadnezzar? God saved them from death in a furnace and they didn't even smell like smoke when they were let out. Only the chains that held them burned and fell off.

He will save you too, you know.

So today be the difference in your place:

Be filled with assertiveness - Positively standing up for what God wants for us.

Be filled with benevolence - Desire to do good to others in your subdivision or city.

Be filled with courage - Fighting the good fight

Be filled with direction - Direction from the road map, the Bible.

Be filled with enthusiasm - Always doing your part with excitement.

Be filled with firmness - Not easily moved by easy come easy go types of doctrines.

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