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The Danger in Anger

​We all have some Learning curves we have to face in our development and growth. Learning skills and other traits helps us to be more effective and more influential in our areas of work and influence. Influence isn't only based on the sound of your voice or the aggressiveness of your behavior, but more of what you know and relating that knowledge practically. Some people chase likes and popularity on all kinds of media and social media platforms.

Feed your need in the Word of God.


I see more and more that Many people like to be liked? Who doesn't? For many there is also the comments... They feed themselves on peoples comments and become stressed-out if nobody comments about their frustration or issues. Why do people chase likes and see how many comments they can create? Some would even falsify information just to get some likes and comments on their social feeds. BUT why?

Because all of us seek some kind of acceptance from people. Rejection causes resentment and bitterness, which may cause many troubling times for the host of these negative emotions. God never intended for us to feel bitter and angry, but wants us to enjoy every day of our lives. We cannot enjoy our lives if we are stressed up all of the time because of bitterness and resentment that woke up hatred in our hearts. You will be angry with a person who may not even know about it. You may even not sleep at night whilst this person is snoring away every night.

You lay on your bed not able to close an eye, and this person who you so eagerly despises, gets plenty of rest for the next day. The other person feel fresh and out and about because of sufficient sleep and you... you feel so tired.

We carry anger into our next day causing even more anger and bitterness.

'We drink the poison hoping that somebody else would die instead'. (Unknown)

There's also something we probably may call - Generational Bitterness.

This form of anger and resentment are carried from the one generation to the next. Not forgetting what 'they' did. Bitterness becomes contagious if not taken care of appropriately and in good time. Even the Word of God said you shouldn't go to bed with anger in your heart (Ephesians 4:28). Do not carry it with your own two hands into the next day. It will become a strong tower in your life. Tear it down immediately. Yesterday morning our Lead Pastor, @DrMarkLWilliams, also taught about this important message and said 'The Wall must Fall'.

Governments all over the world are guilty in carrying Generational Bitterness into the next generations. Everything and everyone has a history. That's ok. The important thing is how you deal with that history. How do you stop Generational Bitterness? The only way is by destroying the chain caused by unforgiveness. When you forgive, you break the chain. When you forgive you cause healing to take place.

Be an agent of healing today. Forgive unconditionally those who committed a sin towards you. Clear the air as soon as possible and do not hold back. Bring the healing into your own life and also in somebody else's life. If you are the aggressor, most of the times the other party may not even know about your feelings towards them. They may also notice your attitude have changed in due course.

Be an agent of forgiveness today. Cause the chain of Bitterness to break down on your watch. Let nothing cause you to have a dividing heart. Dividing hearts always causes people to drift apart. It happens in marriages, relationships, churches and actually all over the place. Forgive and forget may not always be possible, because you never forget what burned you. But, you can forgive and try to forget. Forgiveness isn't in the forgetting, but it's in the power of forgiving. Causing a ripple affect all over the world an especially in your world.

Do not let the kingdom of darkness make you fall. Let the kingdom of darkness fall by you, through forgiving and destroying the chains that holds you. Those chains may very well be the cause of a lot of tension in your heart when you see somebody in the streets or in a mall. Try this test.... Brother A sees you and invite you for a cup of coffee. Your answer, 'Oh, I'm so sorry brother. I do not have any time today'. Now, just around the corner brother B sees you and also invite you for coffee and you say, 'Absolutely, that will be great, thanks'. Ok. What do we have here? Suddenly you were free. What happens when brother A sees you in the coffee shop with brother B after you told him you're in a hurry to pick up your kids. He will perceive you as dishonest and deceitful.

I truly hope you would be able to break the chains the devil has caused in your life through which he have builded a wall to 'protect' you from people like 'that'. Break the wall through the spirit of forgiveness and bring complete healing in your life and touch people with forgiveness.

In His service

Till the End

The South African 'American'

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