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The Media and Social media influence of the day

I was wondering today how much the Media and Social media play part in our decision making every day of our lives. I think we give too much credit to these mediums and they have way to much say in manipulating our Social behavior and choices. It's almost like hammering in the choices of the anchor or the presenter. Yes, we choose who we follow and we would probably also follow them in important choices we have to make. Some others follow better advise, that of their pastor, psychologist, close friend, etc.

Time spend with Social Media as Well as the News and other media resources will ultimately influence choices and perceived outcomes. It is suppose to work that way. But, you have to have a balance in what you allow into your ears. They picture something for you and you buy or say bye. Whatever they put on the box they want to make sure you buy the product or follow their ideas of a safe and 'sustainable' dream world.

How much time do you spend with the Media and Social Media on a given day?

Through this medium, you allow them to cast vision into your life. They tell you what you should eat, what you should drink, what you should believe and even for who you need to vote. They raise our kids and influence their future.

Media choose the next President and Governors, etc. From their point of few they team up for or against candidates.

The Bible teaches us that in the last days people will gather for themselves many preachers to be tickled in their ears, because they hear what they want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3) and not what they're suppose to hear.

There's definitely some dangers allowing Social Media and the Media to make your choices:

You know them, but they don't know you. Advising you on life matters would be inappropriate and also dangerous. Rather seek advise from your mentor or loved ones. Do you know their personal lives? Do you know how this person take care of his own house. Myself being a preacher, it's very easy to preach and teach, but to put all that has been preached into practice is a story for another day. You better 'Walk the Talk' if you want others to follow your advise. Do not be a fake and only give them solutions you adopted. Every case has its own merits.

Face your problems don't Facebook it. This is an old saying, but so true. People also cast their irritations and frustrations on the world wide web (www) out there. With some limits you may place your hurts and your frustrations out there, because some people may learn a quick lesson for free. Maybe not to make the same financial mistakes as you did or even how to better take care of the important and more important things in life. BUT, to put your dirty laundry out there doesn't help anyone but the ones who would hurt you because of gaining that kind of information about you and the ones you think you'll be hurting. Watch out for this kind of traps. You set the trap and get trapped in it yourself. Proverbs 26:27 NASB - "He who digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him".

Would that person put his money where his mouth is? Would that person use his own advise? More people out there would love to give you advise to follow, but won't use it themselves. Almost you being a guinea pig for their experiments. If your experiment fails its on you and not on them. You pay the price for their errors and their bad advise. Make sure the advise you follow has been tested. Your relationship might not hold up to the test.

Do they even care about you? I've seen many people trying to attract negative and broken people with all ways possible a person can think about, but they do it for the publicity scheming. This is truly sad that people uses other peoples brokenness for their own gain and not for your upliftment. Are you willing to tell your heart for a TV show and breaking down what you've been working for all this time? Them thinking you're so weak that it will take all the viewers to break a person down. You're stronger than that. That's even worse than those gossip books kids prefer to read over study books from the library.

They gossip people and spread rumors.

R- Recklessly

U - Unclothing and

M - Misrepresenting

O - Overwhelmed

R - Relationships

S - Selfishly

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