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A True leader isn't born that way (Are you surprised?)

Shaney Lötter at few months old. A Flash was still something new at the time.

A true leader isn't born that way, but made that way.

A great leader is always Reachable, Dependable (reliable) and Teachable.

  • You weren't born with Discipline

  • Neither were you born with Courage

  • Nor with Passion

  • Or Hospitable

(Study 1 Timothy 3)

Think about your babies when they were born. None came with these traits? They weren't Disciplined to only want milk at certain times of the day or a nappy change only at set times. They did what ever their need required.

Did your babies come with courage? Mine sure didn't have any Courage to face dangers etc

How about Passion. Haha no Passion for others, but for their own special needs only. And that's ok. This was the season for them.

Were they in any way Hospitable? Nope. In conversations with others, during sermon times, worship times, and any time they choose to fulfill their need they will interrupt the flow of things as they please. And that too is just fine. It was their season for growing up. Growing up is what we do all the days of our lives.

Moses was taught by his father in law, Jethro, to manage his leadership skills through training others in mentoring them for the task at hand.

King David, walked for many years in the shadows of Saul. Saul went astray, David didn't touch the life of Saul having much chances to even kill Saul during his lifetime. David had respect for his former 'mentor' and king. He knew the old saying that says, 'What goes around comes around'.

Jesus was surrounded by the Twelve who eagerly absorbed every skill Jesus had for them to train them to take lead of the most vibrant organisation in the world, The Church.

Many others followed in their footsteps. In whose footsteps did you follow and who follows you? Remember the cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) and those who led you (Hebrews 13:7), because someday in the future you'll be on the short-end of that story. I know God is busy building an army of worshipers who would be willing to sacrifice in-season as well as out-season. When it's cold or hot. When it's wet or dry. When you have in abundance or have a lack. When you feel up to it, or not.

There's a reason for every season.

Keep up the hard and heart work.

In His service

Till the End

The South African

Morné Lötter

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