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The care of Caring Father

We serve an amazing God, Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider. In and out of season, He's the same. @nccog @COGHQ @fgcsa123

Did you know that a crow have a great memory. A crow won't forget your face. If you have terrorize or threatened it in the past, they will remember you and even warn other crows when they spot you. (Don't aggravate them.. hehehe. It's like when you as a pastor make enemies in the areas where you're suppose to shine for His glory)

God didn't forget about Elijah in the dry season, but supported Elijah all the way through that season. I'm here today to remind you that there's a purpose in any and everything in this life. Nothing happens for nothing or no reason. For every season there's a reason. Don't worry about the things of this world; our Father knows your needs and wants.

Results will come when people wait on the Lord. The problem is our perseverance. We do not like to wait, period. You can learn many things during a waiting period in your life. You may learn more of Yahweh, Father God, and you may learn more of specific community, church and self needs. True power of the faithful remains in his/her faith in the Father's Mission of you in this world. You do not have to face this on your own. You have many friends you may lean on, and if not the case... You may always lean on me when you're not strong...

Let me real quick speak about what ravens can bring to you. They can bring anything God wants them to carry. Sometimes you'll like it and other times not so much. The ravens supported Elijah all of those time until he had to leave. For that season of his life God knew what Elijah needed. From there he was instructed to go to Zarephath where the Lord arranged for a widow to provide for him (vs 9). Yes, Elijah gave answer to the Lords call and knew his time to move on has come.

How many times you just knew.

Another good reason why going to Zarephath was kind of a good thing for Elijah (in this season of his life),was that he would have some people around him again after such a long time of being all alone. We all at some time in our life need people. If you're trying to overcome every season on your own, you will later run into serious loneliness. Our outcomes are always influenced by our 'in-comes' (things we allow into our lives and our domains). For example: What you give 'here', will cause a void 'there'. And should you give 'there', it will obviously cause a void 'here'.

Measure well, treasure well, reassure well and have great Composure always. You won't always have the right things to say. You won't always have the best things to say.

BUT, Remember God has purpose with what's going on in your life at this moment. Believe me it won't last forever and ever. Soon you'll have to move to the next season and be ready.

My advise to you- Pray and seek the Beautiful, Awesome face of our Lord God Almighty.

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