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  • Morne Lotter

God speaking more encouraging words into our lives

Philippians 1 vs 12-22

The Tennessee State Bishop Corder installed Dr Mark and Miss Sandra Kay Williams into their new church home @NCCOG (North Cleveland Church of GOD, Cleveland Tennessee) and what an amazing service.

Pastor Williams preached about OUR COMMON GOAL AS CHRISTIANS -

I took some notes of this Historical Event-

Christ is our common goal.

Like the gasoline truck that ran out himself out of gas.

Check your fuel level

Just if all the great minds would've worked together.

One thing you think about you here Pauls name. For me to live is Christ. When he changed, everything about him changed. His identity as well as his character. His whole mission in life changed.

This one priority would transform personal complications and circumstances. Wilst he was in jail he wrote this in Rome. He wanted to go to Spain, Israel etc. His dreams were interrupted. His location were isolation. He was shiprecked while in lock up with 275 other passengers. He wanted to apear in front of Ceaser to state his case being also a Roman citizen. He was locked up on 4 hrs shifts with chains to victorian guard members (who was watching Nero himself. They were lime elite soldiers). Imagine the Inputs Paul made.

Master Chess player sees 30 moves ahead. How many moves do you think God sees ahead. 1. Transforms situations but also... 2. Transforms also personal relationships.

To dwell above with the Saints we love will be grace and glory but to live below with the Saints we know, that’s a different story.

Paul in a Hole in Rome. They wanted to discredit Paul but he used this priority to futher the kingdom. Yes some preach for personal gain.... so what. As long as there is gain and it please God. 3. It will give you hope of an uncertain future Paul in the hole waiting to face Nero. Nero a Crazy man whole killed his mother and mother in law some of his family. Delighted to torture Christians. Paul said my life isn't in Neros hands. Paul planned even ahead. He said if I die its not defeat, but gain. My last breath here means my first breth in heaven. Paul saw Nero once and twice. They took him to the gelatine he put his head other way around. Any last words Paul. Yes just Timothy. . Tell him there's some writings I wrote him. Lets walk out here with one priority. Back to school etc

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