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With 2 Weeks left we have to trust God even more

Whilst attending North Cleveland Church of God (NCCoG) on Sunday morning and waiting on the Lord even before preaching started, God said 'He will help me build a prayer altar right there where I'm at'. So I said 'ok Lord', but didn't give it to much food for thought. So at the service the State Administrative Bishop, Mitchell Corder, was the preacher and guess what was his theme for the morning service? ( He was standing in for the newly elected Bishop of the North Cleveland Church of God). Spending time in prayer. Wow I thought... God you're always so good in confirming your holy Word in our lives. So brother Mitchell preached and he mentioned 5 Pointers why praying are so important in his introduction. (Captured from a sermon he attended of Pastor Yonggi Cho)

1. Have fellowship with God

2. Because ministry involves spiritual warfare.

3. To stay full of the Holy Spirit

4. To receive Rhema Word from God.

5. To influence a nation.

So for the past few months what was really troubling us was the fact that we desperately need a Sponsorship (Religious Visa i360) to be filed with Homeland Security, but we couldn't find any solution for that. In the process we made a lot of friends and ministry associates and we praise the Lord for that. Even at this time many people are praying for us in our desperation to find the relevant sponsorship within the Church of God. So with all of this going on in our lives and the fact that our exit stamp on our passports are 14 August 2016 and we are busy burning cash, we remain hopeful and focused on the good outcome God will send. The good hand of God is on us (Nehemiah 2:18)

So bishop Corder went on and teaches about transitioning from one season to another. (NCCoG's newly appointed pastor, Bishop Dr Mark Williams, will start next Sunday 7 Augustus with his first service) and to say the least That's exactly what happened in our lives for the past few months. He also added in his sermon there are three steps in the transitioning process -

1. Starts with a interruption (involuntary interruptions)

2. Starts with an inconvenience (something you didn't expect)

3. Also it comes with an irritation - this speaks about people. God uses people as sandpaper to smooth out some rough edges in our lives.

I asked my wife before and even today, show me the person who would Resign his Job as Functional Head (Chaplain with 19 years duty) and also leave their church and family behind, whom they love? So we had to make sacrifices with great expense to us. Well Abraham did all of that and more and God showed me years ago about that (2013). God has spoken so many times and so many ways to my heart about this transitioning to the USA and always took me back to Genesis 12 (verse 1-3) and Hebrews 11 (Verse 8-10).

Through all of this I was just like Jonah. God send him to Nineveh, but he refuses and jumps on a boat leaving for Tarshish to flee from the presence of God.

Still we don't have any answers yet to our prayers. With 2 weeks left before we are compelled to return to South Africa cause of limitations we hold on our current B2 visas we remain hopeful in the Lord. His Steadfastness and Mercies will lead the way. Whatever comes our way we will comply to His leading and guidance.

I believe America were always sending Missionaries into desolated places in all the world. The time has come that the world should send missionaries to the USA. We need to be there for the USA whilst the people of America are under siege from the devils in this world. #Prayfortheusa

I made this my mission to Pray for America. Pray for Israel

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