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  • Morne Lotter

Homeless no Beggar

Yesterday my family and I visited McDonald's in Paul Huff Pike way across Walmart and we met a guy Mr James (His real name, but I will keep his surname for myself) having his meal just across our table.

By the likes of it I could see this man had a tough life. He also had a war veteran cap from Vietnam with him with some other stuff. His cart parked outside on a bright and sunny day.

Wow, Mr James was so friendly. I thought to myself he is a true preacher kind of guy. Outwardly he looked like a homeless person, but I saw an angel of God with some rough edges. He even shared his Sweets with MJ (our 3yrs old boy) and we sat and talked for more than an hour. When we came to the topic of Salvation, holiness, etc he told me he do not understand why he have to suffer like this. Yes God supplied his needs, but the rejection he experience is overwhelming he said.

Well through this man God showed me a couple of things, but two I want to mention: 1. God will always care for you no matter who you are 2. There is a difference between a beggar and a homeless person.

See a homeless person necessarily beg for stuff he said. He is no beggar.

I guess this is probably most of the time also the issue with our spiritual lives. We choose to become Beggars though we are sons and daughters of the King of kings. Praise His Name. Homeless we are. We will be home someday soon!

Please pray with me for Mr James that God will take good care of him.

Take care

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