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Going outside the gates USA RSA



Come and speak at my Church

Speaking at your Church will have three objectives:

  • Need #1: Discover and Train people in churches and other industries.

  • Need #2: Develop the plan as soon as possible.

  • Need #3: Deployment of the most important resource – the workers.




Come and speak at my organization

I've been a Metro Police Chaplain for many years. I had 19 years of service before retiring from the force. This experience helped me to understand organizations better and their needs.My talk to your organization will include topics of your liking (Mostly addressing work performance and ethical values):

Communication skills

Change Management, etc



Chaplaincy Training

For Organizations and Churches

Training people formally in your organization and Church to reach out to one another and catch a falling world (environment) will improve performance in both arenas. We need to have members or employees motivated to be the hands and feet of Jesus, aiding and supporting our people and those who have nobody to care for them. 

This training typically takes three consecutive full days. The training may also be arranged over a period to complete three days. 

The CoG Chaplains Commission may be contacted for USA training 

You can speak to me about South African training and the online CSC courses.


Israel Tours with:

Menorah Tours (


A Pilgrimage to Israel is far more than a holiday, for it brings about abundant spiritual growth.  The main purpose of a “Pilgrimage Tour” to Israel is to experience the sites and places that are mentioned in The Bible, to walk where Jesus walked and as such to enrich your spiritual life.  It is like walking through The Bible. or phone +27832272210


A life changed and transformed
You will enjoy these tours. It will take you a step further in your own spiritual life. The water show is only one of the many amazing things we see on our trip to the Promised Land.



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