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Some programs


Volunteer Chaplains Program

Volunteer Chaplaincy programs present opportunities for churches, Industries, and agencies to use this training to put themselves in the marketplace and being practical tools for the Lord.


This training focus on the Discover, Develop and Deploy Principle of the Lord Jesus' ministry.


Jesus gave us this excellent example of going out into the marketplace but first discovering the ones that would be the most effective for the said job. Then He Developed those ones setting them in line for the future. Just think about it... Jesus developed people to grow others.

Then, He sends them out in the field / Harvest to do what they were trained for. Deployment would mean you sometimes may need to do something you feel uncomfortable doing, but you do it. 


The training program for volunteer chaplains may give opportunities you never thought about. It allows one to start thinking outside of the box. In regular church circles, it is sometimes difficult to get people to think outside of the box. You should then follow this program, get involved, and start focusing on the ministry outside the gates of the local church. Remember: The church shouldn't always focus on itself but on developing and encouraging the kingdom of God. Many churches need to close their doors because they have become self-sustained. This program gives you the opportunity to think bigger, brighter and even broader. Isn't that something?

Become A Volunteer

Being a Volunteer in your office, agency, and church or in any Industry you can think about will change your life forever. Yes, being a volunteer changes your life and it changes the environment you’re in. Like a tea bag. The tea bag give color and flavor to the water, but the water must be nice and hot. The same with a volunteer. The volunteer changes the environment (water), giving it color and flavor. Taste is what we like.


What can you do? Be the person others can trust in the workplace or agency. Be the person who wouldn't mind walking an extra mile for the sake of the greater cause.

The volunteer program is based on a Christian perspective and foundation, but any religion may volunteer.


EAP Workplace Care

Working will always be part of our lives. We need employment to provide for the ones we care for. A negative workforce also impacts the agency's financial income as well as all of the employees in the agency. 

A wise person once said: "If you find something you love to do, you won't have to work a day in your life.


The problem with most employers would probably be that their caring doesn't go the extra mile. This program's intention is to develop EAPs and prospects to take care of the employees. Also, many times I found that these EAP really does a great job, but they also need some encouragement. Events, teambuilding, re-focusing, and re-thinking sessions might help assist your agency's EAPs in remodeling their approach to the employees. 


If you do not have an EAP officer/s, this service may also be helpful in developing a focused or enthusiastic employee in your environment caring for his/her peers in the workplace. This caring contribution might be an attachment to an employee's other official duties.


Some important matters worth mentioning:

  • Time management

  • Stress management

  • Financial management

  • Conflict management

  • Hiv/Aids 

  • Peer support 

  • Hospital Care

  • Health 

  • Workplace support

  • Death notification

  • Exit assistance

  • and more


Your curiosity causes delays and, many times, a lot of pain.
Going outside the gates USA RSA


Breakthrough ministry

Breakthrough or breakout would be what most people need. Fixing their eyes on something other than what they became a slave of. I am so amazed at how many people in this world have been slaves of something for so many years. In other words, being under the control of something or someone. We're not supposed to live like slaves but rather like free people. External things or people are not controlling people who enjoy their everyday life.


Being under the control of something poses a threat to our decision-making skills. We tend to be ambushed by decisions when we're under the control of something. Just think about that for a minute; haven’t the most difficult decisions come your way during a time in your life you've been enslaved by something?

Trapped amid financial turmoil, trapped in a relational conflict, or work problems, between a rock and a hard place. 


Consider this: Freeing yourself up from bondage in your life and then taking care of difficult choices. How do you eat an elephant?

If your problem is an elephant, how would you eat it all up?

Won't you say peace by peace? 


Work through it with people who care for you or a supportive group. Make life better. Make life easier.

If we don't know where we are going, it doesn't matter what road we take.

- Lewis Carroll

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