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Making studies Simple, Accessible, Affordable, Accredited.  

Training Leaders For the Last Days' Harvest

Covenant Bible College and Seminary (CBCS) is a Christian College offering undergraduate and graduate programs in ministerial academics. We are committed to helping you reach your educational and ministerial goals in an affordable and convenient manner. Whether you are beginning or continuing your education, CBCS offers what you need in a Biblically-founded, Christian atmosphere.

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The mission of Covenant Bible College & Seminary is to impart the anointing and ministry of reconciliation through the vital knowledge of the Word of God, impacting men and women throughout the world with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our vision is to teach, train, endorse, promote, and send forth credible ministries in their pursuit of the Great Commission. We will mentor men and women who recognize God’s call on their lives. This calling may involve aspects of ministry and the development of numerous gifts.



CBCS will consider transfer credits from legitimate, verifiable, accredited seminaries, colleges, and universities (Transcripts are required). CBCS’s agreement with Shiloh Chaplaincy College and Bible Seminary (SCCBC) concerning transfer credits is outlined below.

60 credit hours – Associates of Christian Community Service Chaplaincy Degree

90 credit hours – Advanced Associates of Christian Community Service Chaplaincy Degree

To receive a degree from CBCS, students must have taken or transferred credits covering Year One Core Subjects and have completed a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours at CBCS.

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