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Community Services Chaplaincy


Community Service Chaplains will establish and maintain a workable and beneficial relationship between the secular and religious/spiritual segments of our society for the purpose of serving in the marketplace and community. The education and training of a Community Service Chaplain are to achieve the most professional cadre of service in the area of Chaplaincy. While the TIACSC is committed to training chaplains who have a caring and concerned spirit for their fellow man, we are also committed to train chaplains on the biblical principle of the life of Jesus Christ. Chaplains from a multitude of faith groups have been trained by the TIACSC, yet we, as an organization, remain committed to the One who sacrificed His life for us.




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 Upcoming training seminars



Some topics for training:

The History and Theology of Chaplaincy

The Samaritan Mentality 

Theology of Chaplaincy
Philosophy of Chaplaincy

Ethics in Chaplaincy

Counselling in the workplace

Suicide and Grief

Death notification

Stress Management

Critical incident stress and debriefing

And much more...










Chaplaincy training ?



"If you are not prepared to hurt someone or be hurt, chaplaincy may not be for you".


"No one cares what you know until they know you care".

"What we don't know about a person is sometimes more important than what we do know".


"The greater the need for survival, the lower our ethical behaviour becomes."

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