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Thinking what you think about.

Be the Solution and not the Pollution in this world.


You are the salt and the light, the world desperately needs. 


Touching lives one at a time, Preparing you for what lies ahead.


The church that looses their love looses their light. 

Israel Tours with

The dimmer the light, the slimmer the hopes for a brighter future.





M - Meaningful

E - Education (Coming)

N - Naturally,

T - Taking

O - Ownership AND

R - Responsibly (Effortlessly)

Key verse - Psalms 145:4 (NASB) - '... One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts' AND the same we should be with others. 




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Israel Tours


Visiting the Land of Israel with the well-renowned Pastor Rykie Steyn.

Best prices in the business. BOOK NOW!

My next tour is planned for 29 Sept -10 October 2023. If you want to change your spiritual life, don't miss this. With current high prices, we're looking at R30k pp, which may be higher. 

Watch this space for more Israel TOURS.

Need a tour from Washington, DC? Send me a mail when you can and I will find a tour for you.

Small testimony of our stay in the USA during 2016

Ready, Steady, Go.

We've been living in the USA for almost 11  months. God has sent us on this trip in February 2016. We stayed until December 2016.

On the 9'th month of our stay, God said in my spirit that our ministry is in a 'pregnancy' stage and that soon the birth of something great would take place. We need to have patience because pregnancy comes with some pains. We love the Lord with all of our hearts.


In the Meantime:

We do prayer walking in the morning,

Preaching and teaching at every opportune time,

Loving on the loveless and hopeless,

Being Salt and Light everywhere we go. 


With #Elections2016 behind and the future ahead, I'm looking forward to seeing the move of God in the USA. God has been Good.

Please #PrayforAmerica


As soon as you feel a clash inside of you, it's the Holy Spirit showing you the trash in you.

Shiloh Chaplaincy College and Bible Seminary

Simple, Accessible, Affordable, and Accredited.

📚🎓 Exciting News! Join us at Covenant Bible College and Seminary starting on August 7, 2023!

🔍 Discover your calling with our comprehensive 1st to 5-year studies in majors like: 📖 Biblical Studies 🙏 Chaplaincy 💼 Biblical Counseling 👨‍💼 Leadership and Management 👐 Practical Ministry 🕊️ Theology

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to equip yourself for impactful ministry! 🌟 Now, as a faculty within Covenant University, we're dedicated to providing top-notch education in theology and more. 🏛️ Enroll now for other Majors like Business Management, and expand your horizons!

🚫 Stop chasing your tail; it leads nowhere. Choose a path that leads to purpose and significance. Let us guide you towards a fulfilling future. 💫

🙏 God bless. Visit our website at to learn more about Covenant Bible College and Seminary in Hudson, FL!

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CBCS enjoys its accreditation through Transworld Accrediting Commission International Inc. Other ministries accredited with Transworld include the Freechapel School of Discipleship (Jentezen Franklin), Gateway International Bible Institute (Robert Morris), Kenneth Copeland Bible College (Kenneth Copeland), Charis Bible College (Andrew Womack), Rhema (Kenneth Hagin), and Christ for the Nations, etc.



Enroll as a student with CBCS and pay the necessary enrolment fee ($35 US) by clicking this link If you would like to take advantage of the Ministry Life Experience option, the fee is ($250 US). ALL ENROLMENT AND MLE FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.



CBCS recognizes Ministry Life Experience sanctioned by the church or Chaplaincy (TIACSC or other ministries). An MLE application should only be submitted if there is verifiable proof of a minimum of five years of full-time ministry. Applicants expect to be awarded up to 30 credit hours for their MLE experience. Please fill out this form and submit it to with “MLE APPLICATION” in the subject line.




Ministry Practicum is achieved by volunteering for at least two hours per week, for the nine months of required study, in a “LEC Approved” non-profit ministry. Ministry Practicum is required of all students and will earn the student 3-credit hours towards a Christian Community Service Chaplaincy Degree.

'The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. '

2 Timothy 2:2

Going outside the gates of the church

book your date and i will get back to you asap! you may also review the business plan

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Level 2 TBA Training Course Invitation.jpg
FOR Subsahara Africa

"Surround yourself with those with the same mission as you."It's always been about the Mission. Go out into the world and make disciples of all you meet. We have to be the difference we want to make. The other day I had a couple in the church office with Pre-marital counseling, and to my surprise, they confined in me their sincere appreciation for the impact sessions I had with them. They said these sessions changed their whole lives. We have discussed typical behavioral challenges, relational instructions, and much more. Also, in one of the sessions, we discussed the 5 F’s –







COMMUNITY SERVICES CHAPLAINCY TRAINING - I would like the opportunity to come and train Community Services Chaplains in your industry or at your workplace. If you'd like to locate the International Community Services Chaplaincy, please visit us on

Some topics include:
Death Notification
Suicide prevention
History and Theology of Chaplaincy
Domestic violence and many more.

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